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God's Wrath is Coming!

God's Wrath

Chapter 1

As the sun beamed in the sky, Jonathan Summers strolled casually down the sidewalk to work. He entered the lobby of the Casey Insurance Company.  “Good morning, Sandra. How are you?” he greeted the receptionist.

     Sandra glanced up, glad to see him.  “Hello, Jonathan.  I’m great but you better watch out, I hear the boss man is looking for you.  But I don’t think you’re in any trouble this time.”

     “What do you mean, ‘this time,’ I never get into trouble,” he retorted with a smile.

     She looked down her nose.  “Hey, you’re talking to me.  That sweet little boy act doesn’t work around here.”

     Jonathan grinned.  “You’re right.  And I better head to my office before I do get into trouble.”  They shared a laugh while he stepped down the hallway.

     Entering his office, for some reason his professional accomplishments flashed through his mind.  Unfortunately, it was only a short film.  Though he hated to admit, there was nothing to write home about.  His sight was pulled to a bright red envelope sitting on his desk.  Could this be a problem?  Sometimes a red envelope meant bad news.  So he took a deep breath as he ripped it open, only to find a sweet surprise - the commission check from a large policy he’d recently written along with a note from his boss.  “Great job, Jonathan!  Keep up the good work.”

     Relief!  Jonathan perked right up.  He had to share his good fortune with his best friend and coworker, Matt.  Without hesitation, he hurried to Matt’s office.

     Even though Matt’s door was closed, there was no deterring Jonathan as he rushed in without knocking.

     Matt heard him barging in but barely glanced up.  He was too consumed in a sheet of the lamest business leads he had ever encountered.  “What do you want?”

     “What do you mean, what do I want?  I want you to guess what this is,” Jonathan replied while fanning the red envelope in the air.

     Matt showed no interest.  “I don’t know what it is, but I hope it’s your termination papers for rushing into my office like a wild animal.”

     “Well, if I’m a wild animal then I’m a lion because this magic envelope contains the commission from the million dollar policy I wrote.”

     “You got lucky.  I don’t know how you got a thing off these sorry leads.”

     “You call it luck, but I call it party time tonight!”

     “Then drink a cold beer for me.  I could use one right now if you know what I mean.”

     “Then I’ll drink two.  And don’t sweat it, you’ll nab a big deal soon.  But I have to call Lisa, so see you soon.”

     Jonathan sauntered back to his office and dialed a familiar number.

     After two rings, a sensuous voice filled his ear, “Hello, this is Lisa.”

     “Hi, pretty lady.  How are you?”

     “I’m okay, and thanks for asking.  What are you doing?”

     “Just hanging at the office.  Thought I’d call to give you some fabulous news.  Guess what happened.”

     Lisa could hear the tone in his voice.  “There’s no telling with you, so tell me.”

     His delivery was as smooth as silk.  “I hope you’re ready to have fun.  I just got a fat paycheck so let’s play hooky and get naked.”

     “I can’t do that.”

     “Why not?” he pleaded.

     “Because I have to work.”

     “That’s no fun!  And since I figured that’d be your response, here’s my backup plan.  Why don’t we be adventurous and visit the shopping center tonight?”

     “That’s a wonderful idea!  And since it’s so pretty outside we should go to the Santa Monica Mall.  We can even take a walk on the boardwalk first.  We haven’t done that in a long time.”

     “Sounds good to me.  So get ready for a great time and I’ll see you at home after work.  Love ya.”

     “And I love you,” Lisa responded with a smile beaming on her face.


#    #    #


Seagulls drifted in the cloudless sky on this warm evening.  Hundreds of people crowded the sidewalks as Jonathan and Lisa drove down Main Street heading to the beach.  Lisa stared at the blue sky.  “This is such a pretty evening for the beach.”

     “That’s why I’m taking you. I only wish it was a little earlier so you could’ve worn your new bathing suit.”

     “You’re funny.”

     “I don’t think seeing you in a sexy bikini is funny.  In fact, I think it’s a terrific idea!”  He smiled as he turned up the radio.  The newscaster was announcing, “In the evening’s news, terrorists explosions have erupted simultaneously in Baghdad, Saudi Arabia, and Jerusalem, turning all three areas into a blood bath.  The dead have reached 347, with 968 wounded.  ISIS has claimed responsibility for the bombings.  Now to our local news.  Two drive-by shootings have claimed four lives in...”

     Jonathan turned off the radio while shaking his head.  “What’s happening nowadays?  It’s like the world is getting crazier every day.”

     “That’s so true.  Just yesterday a lady from my office was robbed in front of a restaurant.  Some man jumped out from nowhere, stuck a butcher knife to her stomach and took all her money.”

     “Oh, my God, that’s terrible!  Did she get hurt?”

     “No, she was very lucky.  Some people happened to leave the restaurant at the same time and it scared the guy away.”

     “Wow, that was lucky.  You know, it’s becoming a full time job just to be safe anymore and you never know when your number is up.  Just like that some punk can kill you.”

     “That’s so true.  I wish I had an answer,” she stated softly.

     Jonathan was thankful to have Lisa.  She gave him hope and direction that made him feel good about himself.  “There’s one thing I know for sure.  At least we have each other.”

     Lisa adored the remark.  Her man always knew the right words to make her feel better.  “What am I going to do with you?”

     “You’d be rich if you knew that answer,” he chuckled.

     “Being rich might be fun, but what will I spend all the money on?”

     “That answer is simple, and that’s whatever your heart desires.  And you better hold on because the beach is only a couple blocks away.”  As Jonathan punched the gas, Lisa grabbed the side door handle and their auto zoomed down the street.


#    #    #


Strolling hand in hand down the boardwalk, Lisa and Jonathan were watching waves splash on the sand.  It was so peaceful.  Lisa breathed deeply, loving every bit of fresh air.

     Jonathan nudged her gently.  “The sand sure looks inviting.  Come on, sweetie.”  Once they stepped in the sand, he kicked off his shoes and dug his toes downward.  “Oh, this feels marvelous!  Take off your shoes.”

     Lisa gladly kicked off her shoes and dug her toes into the velvety sand.  It felt simply incredible after wearing high heels all day at work.  “This does feel good!”

     “Of course, it does.  I’ll never steer you wrong.  Now how about a walk by the water and then we’ll head to the mall?”

     Lisa nodded her head joyfully.  She loved the affection he delivered.  As they moseyed down the beach, the glistening waves captivated her, but another sight stole her attention.  A major storm was brewing miles away over the ocean.  Ominous dark clouds were spinning from the inside out.  She pointed.  “Look at that storm, Jonathan.  Those clouds look like they’re actually on fire.”

     “Good golly, where did that come from?  It was a beautiful blue sky just seconds ago.”  He bumped his hip against hers, which made her smile happily.  “Well, that’s out there and we’re right here, so let’s enjoy this fine evening.”

     “Okay.”  But as they continued their walk, Lisa stared once again at the menacing clouds.  The sight gave her an eerie feeling, making her smile fade into concern.


#    #    #


A full moon illuminated the evening sky as Jonathan and Lisa drove into the shopping center’s parking lot.  Fortunately it didn’t take long to find a space.  They found one near the front and parked.

     Leaning over the console, Jonathan rubbed his hand over her leg.  “Here we are at the mall, or should I say the ladies playground.”  They shared a laugh while getting out of the vehicle, and then he looked her over from head to toe.  “Since you’re looking so fine, its your choice what we do first.  Would you like to go eat at your favorite Chinese place or do a little shopping?”

     She snuggled beside him.  The warmth of his body sent chills surging through her.  “I want to go shopping.”

     “I think that can be arranged.”  He laced his arm around her waist and they strolled casually to the large glass door.  Upon arriving there, Jonathan reached out.  “Let me open the door for the lady.”

     Lisa stepped past him, rubbing her body seductively against his.  “You are being sweet this evening.  There may be some sugar in store for you later on.”

     “There better be because big daddy is getting hungry.”  They entered the store, radiating joy.

     After shopping for a brief period, Jonathan picked out a couple shirts while Lisa chose a bottle of eloquent smelling perfume.  They stepped to the sales desk near the front entrance of the store.  Jonathan inquired as they placed their things on the counter, “Is that all you want?”

     “Yeah, this is perfect.”

     “Okay.  Just making sure.”

     But perhaps Lisa spoke too soon.  Directly beside their items was a glass display case that contained several strikingly attractive crystal pieces.  Lisa’s eyes sparkled when she saw one piece in particular.  She opened the case and took out a perfectly carved crystal angel.  “Look, honey.  Isn’t this pretty?”

     The moment Jonathan glanced over, a bright flash from a ceiling lamp shined on the glass object giving it a radiant glow.  “That is nice.”

     “Can I have it?”

     He smiled while pointing his right finger at his cheek.  “I’ll make you a deal.  Plant one right here and it’s yours.”

     “I’ll take that deal,” she remarked and kissed him gladly.  As she stared at the angel, the words flowed from her lips, “This can be our guardian angel.”

     “If that makes you happy.”

     Suddenly, a loud commotion erupted at the back of the store.  A salesperson screamed, “Help!  Stop those thieves.”

     Jonathan looked up.  Danger was approaching.  “What the ..!”

     Before he had a second to react, twenty young hoodlums were running towards them, each carrying armfuls of merchandise.  It was a smash and grab free for all.  And they were in the pathway of the approaching mob.

     As the thieves ran to the front door, one bumped forcibly into Jonathan, knocking him off balance.

     Jonathan staggered slightly, but swiftly regained his footing.  “Stop, you punks!” he hollered, and then saw another kid running directly at him.

     But Jonathan was quick.  He lowered his shoulder, preparing for the contact, and at the precise moment he rammed full force into the thief’s chest like a linebacker crashing through a defensive line.  Except the blow inadvertently threw the assailant straight into Lisa.

     The unexpected contact hurled Lisa backwards, flinging the crystal angel out of her hand.  It spun high into the air, then the crystal piece plummeted to the tiled floor and smashed into a thousand slivers.


#    #    #


Outside, a change exploded in the atmosphere.  Almost instantly, bolts of lightning pierced the night sky as thunder quivered the evening.  A flood of clouds rolled in, twisting and tumbling over the horizon, suffocating the stars and full moon like a killer choking the life from its victim.

     Street lamps were swallowed by the haze, leaving the world in darkness.


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Bad Boy - the Male Dancer

Bad Boy

Chapter 1


As a gentle breeze blew over a sea of cars, James Knight was stuck in the morning downtown traffic.  But he didn’t care.  He was enjoying the robust flavor of his morning coffee and it tasted great.  Then an automobile swerved in front of his car, forcing James to slam the brake pedal to avoid an accident. 

     Unfortunately, the sudden halt splashed hot coffee on his lap.

     “Damn!” he shrieked painfully.  Coffee was burning into his crotch, so he quickly put the cup on the console and a grabbed a napkin to cool the area.  After doing his best to clean his pants, he glanced in the rearview mirror. 

     A beautiful sight came into view, which mellowed his anger to a fizzle.  Snow packed mountains were towering in the background, thrusting his thoughts to how wonderful a vacation sounded, even a day off would be terrific.  He hadn’t taken one in such a long time.

     Then the car beside his burst his bubble by blowing their horn at another automobile.  James glanced at them, but knew there was no escape from the freeway, so he turned on the radio.  The sweet sounds of rock soothed his soul until he arrived at his exit.

     Zipping off the freeway into the parking garage of a large office building, he greeted the attendant, “Good morning, Pete.  How are things?”

      “Pretty good, James.  Thanks for asking.”  Pete opened the gate while James replied, “Take care.”  After parking in the closest space, he took the elevator to the seventeenth floor and stepped down a hallway of identical doors, each one resembling the last.

     Upon reaching his office, he just stood there for a moment, staring blankly at the nameplate: O’Malley Accounting Firm.  “Well, here comes another exciting day of accounting.”  He shook his head while entering the lobby and told the receptionist the same phrase as every morning.  Repetition was key for an accountant.  “Good morning, Lucy.  Hope things are well.”

     She responded cheerfully, “Thanks, Mr. Knight.  Have a nice day.”

     James smiled at her with an infectious grin.  Since childhood, he has been blessed with the ability to make others feel comfortable.  Perhaps it was his pearly white teeth or his dimpled cheeks, but it was probably the sincerity he illuminated.

     James cared for people and his aura made that obvious.  But the workday had begun, so he stepped briskly to his office and sat behind his desk.  Before his bottom had warmed the chair, Amy, his secretary, entered.

      “Good morning, James.  I hope you’re ready to get started.  I’ve already had a funny conversation with one of your favorite clients,” she giggled sarcastically.

      “Oh, no!  I know that nasty laugh.  Go on and tell me, who’s being audited?”

      “I can’t hide anything from you.  It’s Mr. Pollock.  He was yelling so loudly I had to hold the phone from my ear.”  Amy handed him a message.  “He said to give this to you.”

     James saw a headache approaching.  Robert Pollock always liked to get his way and pitched a fit when he didn’t.  He read the note out loud, “This is the second year the IRS is auditing me!”  James dropped the message on his desk.

     “I’m sure you already know he wants you to phone ASAP.”  She stepped to the door.  “What would you like this morning?  The usual?”

     “I guess so.”

      “It’s always the usual.  You should put some spice in your life,” Amy joked playfully while strolling down the hallway.

      “Okay, you don’t have to rub it in,” James yelled behind her.  He enjoyed her sense of humor.  They have been working together for years and there was never a problem.  Amy was honest, trustworthy, punctual, and straightforward.  All the traits he admired in a person.  He was lucky to have her on his side.

     Just when he began to read some paperwork, Amy entered with a cup of black coffee and a plain donut.  After placing them on his desk, she inquired, “Have you called Mr. Pollock?”

      “No, I’ve been trying to put it off.”  James smiled, but she glanced away.  “I know.  I’ll call him now.”  Amy left with a satisfied glare as he picked up the phone and dialed.  A receptionist answered, “Pollock and Petrie, can I help you?”

     “Hello, this is James Knight for Robert Pollock.”

     “Yes, sir.  Please hold.”  The call was transferred to Robert who exploded once he discovered it was James.  “What are you doing to me over there?”

     James knew his answer better be satisfying.  “Don’t worry, Robert.  I’ll take care of everything.  Have I ever failed you?  And look at the bright side, they say the second time is lucky.”  James should have stopped when he was ahead.

     Robert shouted into the phone, “Lucky, hell!  This is my second year of being audited.  You better do me right.”

     “You know I will.  I’ll keep you informed.”  James hung up, relieved the conversation was over.  The intercom buzzed.  “Yes, Amy.”

     “It’s Johnny on line one.”

     James grinned.  Finally there was someone to help save the day.  There was no telling what type of story his crazy friend would have.  He answered the phone joyfully, “Hey, buddy.  What’s happening?”


#    #    #


Standing in front of a full-length mirror, Johnny was wearing only a red and black striped g-string as he admired his tan physique.  He was practicing exotic dance steps, swaying his lower body with the ease of a pendulum.  This man was completely uninhibited.

     Johnny knew how to drive his body.  Pulsating his hips toward the mirror, he had moves that could bring the most reserved female to lusty titillation.  And his talent produced excellent money.  He held a cold beer in one hand while gripping his cell phone with the other.  “I’m well, but I need a favor and you were the first cat that came to mind.  My car is in the shop and I need a ride to work.”

      “A ride to work!  What are you talking about?  It’s about time to sell that car.”

      “Hey, be easy.  She just needs a little repair.  That’s what I get for shining her up too pretty and riding her too hard.”

     “It’s funny how you always compare everything in a sexual way.”

     “What else would you expect from me,” Johnny shot back.

     The light on James’ phone blinked.  “Hey, I have another call coming in so what time are you talking about?”

     “Make it around six.  That’ll give us enough time for a beer.  That is if you can handle a cold one after work.”

     “I think I can manage that.  I’m just curious how many beers you need to do your job, Mr. Shake Your Moneymaker?”  James chuckled, but Johnny countered, “I wouldn’t laugh too hard.  I have it better at the Honey Shack than you’ll ever imagine.  See you at six.”

     “Sure.”  James hung up with a grin.  Johnny and him went back so many years.  They were partners in crime in elementary school and never stopped.  The intercom buzzed again.  “I’m almost afraid to ask who’s calling.”

     “You don’t have to worry about this one.  It’s Melissa on line two,” Amy replied.

     “Oh, good.”  James pushed the speaker button.  “Hello, pretty lady.  How has your day been?”

     Melissa sat in her apartment studying her freshly polished fingernails.  “No complaints.  I did some early shopping with my girlfriends and bought a few things.”

     Her voice had a different tone but he dismissed it.  “That’s nice.  Did you get a new outfit for this evening?  You know how fine you look in a tight little number.”

     “No, I didn’t get an outfit.  And about tonight, I can’t make it.  Something else came up,” Melissa retorted nonchalantly.

     James tried to curb his irritation.  “What do you mean something else came up?  Do you know how long it took me to get reservations at this restaurant?”

     “I’m sorry, James, but I can’t make it.  My friends want to go out and that’s what I want to do,” Melissa stated flatly.

     James was somewhat surprised, but more pissed.  What game was she playing this time?  “Your friends want to go out and that’s what you want to do!  Look Melissa, you’ve pulled this kind of crap before.  This is supposed to be a relationship, not an escort service you use whenever you want.”

     “I’ve already said I’m sorry.  Maybe we can visit the restaurant next week.  I’m sure they’ll still be open.”

     “Next week!  Still be open!  What the hell are you talking about?” James yelled into the receiver.  He knew what had to be done.  His sanity was worth far more than this.  The aggravation she brought easily overshadowed the joy she delivered.  “Look Melissa, every time we speak there’s a problem and I’m tired of it.  This is it.  Good bye.”  James hung up the phone.  A slight twinge of regret attacked him, but it quickly faded.  A sense of relief blanked him.

     He actually felt free of a heavy burden, like a black cloud of negativity had just blown away.

     Melissa had been draining his soul like a leech sucking his blood.  And this was it.  Her negativity lost.

     Past relationships have taught him when it was best to back away.  Inhaling deeply, he was thankful he saw her true colors now before wasting any more time.

     James also realized it was okay that Melissa wasn’t the right person for him, because one day he would meet the lady of his dreams.  One that could steal his breath.  And hanging out with Johnny could certainly bring him into contact with a lot of them.  Johnny always bragged about the women he met at the Honey Shack.

     James laughed.  He could only imagine what kind of trouble his buddy would drag him into tonight.


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